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Financial Services

Wealth Management

One of our goals as Financial Advisors is to design an investment plan that incorporates a realistic long-term perspective and an informed client. In order for our clients to achieve their financial goals, we seek out institutional-quality investment relationships to leverage on your behalf.

Through Cetera Financial Specialists LLC and Cetera Investment Advisers LLC a SEC Registered Investment Adviser, the professionals at BKCT Financial Group LLC offer full service brokerage and asset managed accounts.  We pride ourselves in performing extensive research and analysis to develop a portfolio that is diversified, balanced and focused on meeting our clients’ investment objectives.

Mortgage Services

At BKCT Financial Group, LLC we can assist a client in obtaining financing. For a purchase or refinance, we will research the best possible rate and terms available to make the financing cost efficient and a simple process.

College Planning

Planning for a child’s college education is essential. Scholarships and financial aid will help cover costs but qualification and competition make these resources limited.

At BKCT Financial Group, LLC we can help clients identify and choose from a variety of college-funding strategies. We can create and modify an investment portfolio to ensure it is diverse, balanced, and tax efficient. We can assist in evaluating and monitoring each investment option to make sure we are on target to fund future college expenses. No matter how old a child is now, the sooner the process is started, the more funds there will be when he/she reaches college age.

Insurance Services

BKCT Financial Group LLC can assist clients with various types of insurance coverage and coordinate with their overall financial planning strategy.  Areas of insurance we handle include long-term care, disability, fixed and variable life insurance, and fixed and variable annuities.  We can provide a complimentary life insurance audit and evaluation to determine if our clients’ policies are meeting their current needs.

Retirement Services

In today’s world, people are retiring earlier and living longer. People may spend a quarter or more of their life in retirement. During this time, the cost of living will more than likely continue to rise. If one wants to enjoy a comfortable retirement, it pays to start saving now.

BKCT Financial Group, LLC can assist our clients in developing a plan towards financial independence and long-term security. We can help assess long-term savings and investment needs, and work with our clients in building a strategy to reach their retirement objectives.