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Management & Tax

Tax Planning and Return Preparation

We have the expertise to prepare returns for federal, state, and local jurisdictions. We have the experience with all types of filings for federal and state tax returns, including estates and trusts.

Our firm emphasizes pro-active tax planning to enable our clients to prepare for the most recent tax law changes. We can advise clients of the various types of retirement plans available to help shelter current income and provide for their retirement.

If necessary, we can represent you before the IRS or other tax authorities, and will handle all types of necessary correspondence.

Estate Planning & Accounting

Estate Planning

If clients have no post-mortem plan in place, such as a will, their assets may not be dispersed among the beneficiaries as desired, which in turn can cause unnecessary expenses and taxes. Most people think they are not wealthy enough to qualify for an estate plan. The fact is, after totaling all a person’s assets, many will be surprised by the net worth that has accumulated over their lifetime. Improper planning can lead to higher taxes and smaller inheritance for heirs.

We can help clients in creating a plan that will preserve assets and maximize potential tax savings. We can help our clients utilize the gift tax exclusions, take advantage of life insurance and use various trusts to reduce the impact of federal and estate taxes.  We have extensive experience in providing both formal and informal estate accounting for the court, executors, trustees, beneficiaries and attorneys. We also can prepare the decedent’s final tax return as well as the estate’s income tax returns.

Succession Planning

We believe that all privately owned businesses should contain a long term plan of succession to maximize planning opportunities for the final disposition or exit strategy of the business owner.  We recognize there are many factors to consider during the life-cycle of a business, which can impact the final transfer.  Some factors to consider


in succession planning are: potential admission of family members to the business, outside competition, proper valuation, tax efficiency and funding for fin

al transfers.  We will assist with the entire process using our years of experience and knowledge to accomplish the desired results.

Payroll and Sales Tax Preparation

We can assist with payroll administration.  Our staff can assist in developing a reliable and efficient payroll system to record and file payroll tax reports in a timely manner. We have many years of experience assisting clients with their sales tax reporting obligations in various states.